Birds have laryngotracheitis/LT

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    May 12, 2009
    I have a freind that bought three chickens off me a few months ago. About a week ago one of the hens got sick. It's symptoms were: lathargic, pale, panting, gasping and nasal discharge. The chicken died a few times from it's lungs being filled with fluid but was brought back with a bit of mouth to beak. It was taken to the vet and given a number of shots including antibiotics and sent home with a few more days worth of shots. The chicken had to be kept on a 90 degree angle otherwise it would suffocate and die. Unfortunately it passed a few days later.
    Now the other two hens are sick with the same symptoms, just not as bad. And friend is positive it's laryngotracheitis.
    Does anybody have any information, advice or experience with this sickness?
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