Birds have respitory fungas - I think - please advise!!!

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  1. MrsSmitho

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    Nov 8, 2008
    E. Tx.
    Morning all

    Hey, does anybody have any pictures of a "bubbly" eye on a CRD bird????

    We have fowl pox. Mostly dry, I believe some wet...

    and then there are a couple that have what seems to be a cold. Their nose is running, and their eye (usually only one) is crusty.

    The couple I have quarentined, they bubble...and I freaked and culled.

    So, Sat, I culled the bird I had been babying for 3 days. and also culled one that was "gasping"...

    Now I have one in the cage and I saw a bubble come out of her eye...could this just be from the runny nose???

    I have one more out in the coop starting to gasp.

    Should I just cull (before I go to work) or let the one in the coop ride till this evening???

    I am getting tired of culling...and mostly loosing my birds...this is gertting or two every couple days...

    It seems to be only the cornish X Rocks...the barred rocks are all fine, just a tad of dry pox...


  2. rooster-red

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    Jun 10, 2007
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    Bubbly eyes is a sign of Coryza, it is treatable.
  3. nnbreeder

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Sounds like CRD and I have had my best luck with LS-50. If the birds are destined for the table though I would consult a vet for recommended meds.
  4. MrsSmitho

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    Nov 8, 2008
    E. Tx.
    Hey there

    Yes it does fit every symptom of coryza...I will add some awesome links from Speckledhen that really sum up the respitory issues.

    so question??

    As to all I know right now, there are treatments...

    is it worth it if they will always carry??
    if I rid of any sick ones now (x rocks are sick, barred rocks are not)
    wouldn't I be hopefully saving the others???

    I am not as lost on the problem as I am on the solution. [​IMG]

    We have 22 barred rocks and 19 (now) X rocks...all just getting over fowl pox...

    One of the BR got sick with the open mouth breathing, swollen, watery eye and runny nose for only 1 he is fine.

    Here is the REAL question of the day -

    Can I eat the meat from a bird culled with coryza?


    [​IMG] Kim
  5. MrsSmitho

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    Nov 8, 2008
    E. Tx.
    ok, got a pic last night...she has been culled now [​IMG]

    the other 2 in the coop with a slight watery eye are looking really good this morning...I am thinking maybe they are able to fight it ??

    I am trying to lay off antis unless it is absolutely needed.

    We will also HAVE to inoculate any new chickens for here on out.

    We still can't we can't tell if there is an odor. is the pic

    still can't figure how to post the pic ON here [​IMG]

    Thanks far today, everyone is far [​IMG]

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