Birds killed by hunting dogs


13 Years
Feb 12, 2009
OMGosh It happened
Right in front of my eyes. While I was cleaning my layers coop. My FBCM hen and rooster, one FR 2 porcelain D'uccle and 2 pennies were minded their own business foraging in our yard, when out of no where 3 dogs appear at first I thought BF brought our dogs out. But upon closer view it was 3 hunting dogs killing my first hatched FBCM bird my friendliest girl I have, and 3 other birds. Layers all hid. The owners where already in route, tracking their dogs with their GPS. I have never ran so fast or far before, one of the dogs were running down the street and I was going to either catch it or follow it home. I knew they'd have an owners name on them seeing how they had one e-collar, one GPS collar and one name collar. Owners were extremely nice and gave number and said to figure out what was missing and they'd make right. While we were getting ready to bury dead birds, the owners came back and paid me what I lost and said I had their number if I find any thing else needs replaced. I don't think that happens very much, owners making good.
I think we do not hear about the owners that make good, not that it is a rare occurance, but when an owner is apologetic and more than willing to reimburse the cost, it is not really worth ranting about. Still very sad, but not something that most would consider worth posting about. What we hear about is those who don't think their dog did anything wrong, or who will not restrain their animals or cover the loss their animals inflicted--that is what we hear about.

I am so sorry for your loss
I'm so sorry! That's so sad
Its nice that the owners are willing to pay to back, but they can never return the actual birds... especially the one that was your friendliest. So sorry!
I am so, so sorry

Regardless of how the dogs ended up there, it is fantastic that the owners stepped up, offered and did pay for the deaths caused by their dogs. I know it does not help with the death of your beloveds, but it sure it nice to hear about people such as them.

Thank you everyone. I just want people to know that there are good dog owners.
One of my neighbors trains bird dogs. At any one time he usually has about 12-15 dogs he is training for customers. Last year one dug out of the cages and came out to my place killing 19 chickens. He only killed them. No eating, no tearing up, no nothing. I shot that dog dead. I found a collar on the dog that listed the owner, the location (out of state) and their telephone number. I called them, they confirmed they had dogs in training with my neighbor.After speaking with animal control and the police department, I called my neighbor, he came out to get the body of the dog and he paid he for the chickens I lost. He was nice about it. The police department sent out a officer, but no report was taken, only wanted to know that my gun, a 40 cal hand gun, was secure. I later found out that the dog I killed was worth alot of money. Very old blood lines, good bird dog.....well it's a dead dog now. Sad but the dog was only doing what it was trained to do. Go after birds. My chickens free range, flew & flurtted around because no dogs have ever been around them. Naturally the dog went after them. Both ended up dead.
I am so sorry for your loss. I am sending lots of
. It is nice to hear of dog owners taking responsibility.
for responsible owners. But once again I am still very sorry for your loss.
I heard its a game to dogs if they are excited by them, the won't stop till all the chickens are caught. I sorry to here about your birds also.

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