Birds not drinking


Apr 6, 2012
Phelan, CA
I introduced some young birds to my flock the other day. Put out additional water and feed. Checked on them the next day and one was not acting normal do I put her back in the grow pen where she drank like crazy. This is the second time I have tried to introduce these same birds with the same result. Iv introduced new birds before without incident. Pls help.
You'll have to watch how they are acting. If they are just sitting in the corner in fear, they may have no idea where the food and water are. Using the feeder and water you have been using in the grow pen might help. If you have a large flock there might be several guarding the food and water. Maybe you can partition part of the run off for them, till they get used to the hustle bustle in the run. I have found that not all introductions follow an exact script.

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