~*Birds Of a Feather*~ A chicken and other poultry bird RP

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    Please Read First
    A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum.
    B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages.
    C) I promise that there will be no swearing, cursing (including censoring by using symbols) or inappropriate adult sexual activity or innuendo. This extends to mating, breeding or innuendo in non-human characters as well.
    D) I promise to treat others with respect and kindness as is the BYC way.
    E) I promise not to post any material that is a violation of copyright. Basically this means: if you didn't create the content (like an image / picture) and don't have direct permission from the content creator to post it, then don't.

    ~*Birds Of a Feather*~

    Flocks fight and defeat one another as dogs and wolves invade the land causing chaos. Birds become weak as they are too afraid to search for food and the canines scare the fowl into hiding. Flocks are being torn apart and forced into fighting each other for territory and food. Bone Flock starts attacking constantly, defeating Water Flock. Everything is falling apart.

    Bone Flock: The cruelest and most aggressive flock. They attack anything other then other members of the flock and have small arguments constantly. They live near a swamp in a place full of broken down cars and metal waste. This flock is mostly guineas and peacocks. They eat almost any food they find.

    Water Flock: They are kind but defensive, and are all strong swimmers. They live by a river in a very thick patch of willow trees. They are mostly ducks, loons, swans, and geese. They eat minnows, grubs, and greenery. They are known to flee from fights.

    Sky Flock: They are brave and loyal. They live in a huge oak tree and eat mostly grubs but will go after human food sometimes. They are rarely defeated. They are mostly pigeons and doves.

    Grass Flock: They are timid and fast. They live in a abandoned barn in a grassy field. They eat what ever they can find. They let any species of bird join there flock, but there mostly quails, chickens, and turkeys. They are very gentle and kind and don't like fighting. Their barn is very warm and full of dry grassy straw.

    Fire Flock: They are strong, brave, and almost never defeated. They are only chickens and let no other type of bird join. They are sometimes aggressive. They mostly steal human food. They live in a small sandy, warm place by the city. They shelter in a small cave.

    -Flock Statuses-

    -Alphas: There are two alphas, an alpha male and female. They lead the flock.
    -Healers: There's a usual of three healers per flock. They obviously heal injured flock members.
    -Cloudtellers: They predict the weather. There is a usual of one Cloudteller per flock.
    -Featherwings: They are apprintices. They are training to become a Ninja, Cloudteller, Forager, or Healer.
    -Foragers: They find food for the flock.
    -Ninjas: They defend the flock.
    -Broodies: They are hens sitting on eggs or raising Hatchlings.
    -Hatchlings: A chick until there fully feathered and become a Featherwing.

    PM me if you want to be a Alpha.


    (For age please put it in bird-years so it would look like how humans measure age. Example:
    Age: 3 or some number like that If it's a chick)

    Age: 20 (Or some number like that If its a adult)
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    Name: Leaf
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: Became a Cloudteller at a very young age because her mentor, the past cloudteller, died before she finished her training.
    Picture/Description: Small pink and green hummingbird with a straight beak and large, shiny eyes.
    Species: Hummingbird.
    Breed: Unknown
    Status: Cloudteller
    Flock: Grass
    Username: PerfectPlumage
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    Name: Blade
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    History: None
    Picture/Description: Black and green feathers, huge tail.
    Species: Peafowl
    Breed: Unknown
    Status: Alpha
    Flock: Bone
    Username: PerfectPlumage
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    A female is a hen so you said that there are two girl alpha's :/
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    ( Woops I misunderstood something lemme check again)
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    (OMG TYPO xD)
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    Name: Desdemona (Mona for a nickname)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    History: Was the omega in the peck order, being pushed around and eating last. With less food sometimes she didn't get to eat because the other peafowl were eating everything. So she left in search of a new flock finding the bone flock. This wasn't her first choice of a flock but she was starving and alone so now she walks the borders of the flock' s territory hoping that she'll be noticed and be accepted.
    Breed: Spalding
    Status: Feather Wing
    Flock: bone flock (hopefully)
    Username:Ducky 13
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    (If I said anything about a hummingbird ignore that I misunderstood you xD)
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    (XD like my peahen?)
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    (Accepted! Btw apprintices are called Featherwings in the RP [​IMG])

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