Birds of a feather (RP for any kind of poultry)

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    Remember back when we walked the earth without a care at all? Remember when freedom was in our grasps and we could fly as fast as an eagle? But now we are bound by new rules and a new reign. And in order to be free we must unite under one allegiance under one group;

    Now here comes the fun part.

    Your choices are:


    Can be good or evil just don't be too much of a tyrant

    Name: (Characters name)
    Species: (Examp, Duck Black Muscovy Drake)
    Gender- (Cockerel, Pullet, Cock, Hen, Young/old hen and Drake, Jake, Jenny, Tom, Hen, Goose Gander)
    Age- (Don't go past the maximum lifespan of any of these fowl)
    Allegiance- (Species specific, Villains, Rebellion,)
    Characteristics (Variety, personality, accent, etc)

    Try to be as educational as you can. PM application please

    Name: Juno
    Species- Chicken Golden Duckwing Phoenix Silver Duckwing
    Gender- Hen
    Age- 2 years
    Allegiance- Rebellion
    Characteristics- Silver Duckwing with spunk and a sarcastic attitude

    The plot/goal is to defeat the villains like any story as long as it's not too short. The villain is up for application if you want he is a White Japenese bantam.
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    ( May I join?)

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