Birds sneezing at night/morning but healthy & eating ?

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    Oct 13, 2007
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    Hi all,

    I have 2 hens that sneeze at night and in the morning. One who's smaller and not yet laying has an eye that doesn't seem to open all the way yet it's not runny or cloudy. The little one stays close to the coop along with another pullet that's about the same age yet bigger and healthier. The other pullet, a maran, seems to act normal during the day and ranges & eats with her other coopmate. I have 10 hens & 2 roos in an 8'x8' coop but they free range in my yard (1.75 acres) most every day. The little one seems weak but I don't know why. She has plenty of access to food & water all day long once I let out the bigger birds. She's not being pecked or pestered but just seems weak.

    I am going for vitamins tomorrow when I go pick up feed....anything else I can be doing ?

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