1. neuchicontheblock

    neuchicontheblock Songster

    May 23, 2009
    I have a banty frizzle hen who's feet keep cracking, and the other's pick at the small bloody spots on them. I have brought her in and she is currently in the shower (No water on, mind you). I am using Neosporin after washing her feet. Would Desitin work or another zinc oxide product to protect her feet? The areas are small, but so is she, and the other's behaviors towards her toes bother me, so I am reluctant to put her out. No bugs; behaviors, poop and appetite are fine.

  2. Terri O

    Terri O Songster

    You can use Vaseline to protect her feet...or you could spray them with Blu-kote; then they wouldnt be attracted to the red color of the wounds. Terri O

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