Birthday Aprons (PIX)

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    I like to make aprons as gifts for my grandchildren. These are the latest ones. Jonah (5 yrs old) whose nickname is "Donut." He says his favorite color is pink. So... I figured I'd make the decorations on his apron doughnuts, with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles.


    Close up of "J"

    Close up of pocket

    I just finished Junie's apron. She will be 10 tomorrow, goodness how fast they are growing up!! She says her favorite colors are blue and orange. So... I hope she will like this combination of fabrics and trims.


    Close up of yoke

    Close up of pocket


    I forgot to make a label for Jonah's apron!! I will have to make him one this week.
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    Just beautiful!
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    I love, love, LOVE these! what a fantastic grandma you are to make these! [​IMG] I think it's adorable your grandson likes pink, my middle son does too! [​IMG] All three of mine just love helping in the kitchen too.

    My three (ages 7, and almost 5 and 3) have some from my aunt but not this adorable (shh, don't tell her [​IMG])! You should sell them, I'd buy three! My boys both have birthdays coming up next month too. PM me if you'd be interested in making a few more! [​IMG] I don't see many aprons specific for kids and believe me I've looked!
  4. I made aprons once for me, DD and niece out of the old blue curtains in the kitchen... didn't turn out too bad, but not anything close to this... very very very nice.
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    Beautiful work! I love making aprons too! I made one for my mother's birthday when she turned 60 and then had all the grandkids use fabric paint to put their handprints and names all over it. When it was time to open gifts, my then 4 yr old yelled out, "Open this one Grandma! It might be an apron!" They make wonderful gifts, and I always wear one at home because I'm so clumsy and kind of make a mess of myself no matter what I'm doing..... [​IMG]

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