Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior's Chicken Chat Thread! (ORIGINAL)

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    Hello!!! Some of you may have participated on the previous chicken chat thread (Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior's chat thread. NOW ACCEPTING JOINING!!!) That thread got locked accidentally- so here is another! Have fun chatting!

    Below is an example of chickens chatting...
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  2. Bisquick: Hello everyone! We're back!
    Pippy: And with sad news.
    Omelette: Lately Hazel has been having some internal issues that no one knew what to do about.
    Hedwig: Yesterday Mom washed her bottom and she got her own piece of bread and got to nap in the house.
    Buttermilk: Nothing helped, and no one knew what to do.
    Pippy: So today while Mom was at church she passed away. [​IMG]
  3. Elanor: Awwww....[​IMG]
    Marianne: Poor Hazel[​IMG]
  4. Sophia's Travel log--55th day at new home, BBSJ description.
    Hazel is the second EE, a muffless spitfire who was always arguing with her twin. Pippy seems to get flustered during these arguments, but Hazel stands her ground, despite getting angry. The anger never lasts for long and the two are back to tormenting Bisquick and Buttermilk or teasing Snap and Hedwig, or flying off of crazily high things--the roost, rocks, tree branches--whatever they can find to exercise wings. Hazel is candid, sometimes very putting things very bluntly, but Hazel has her quieter, sweeter, moments though--she likes the rain, hates it when Pippyn is upset even though she never shows it, and sticks by her twin--and her sisters-- through thick and thin, though lack of muffs and rooster drama, through Omelette's moods and Hedwig's disappearances, she's by her sisters' sides, fiercely loyal. I wouldn't want her as my enemy, and I would never cross her sisters when she is nearby.But they all love her dearly, and she is quite endearing--a unique little pullet with a quiet love for her family.
  5. Sophia: Daylily, I TOLD you not to publish that! I thought nobody could find that Travel Log...
    Daylily: Well, it's time to find a better hiding place.
    Sophia: Not likely with the likes of you two around...Don't try to look innocent, Freesia, I know you were involved too.
    Freesia: With the sole purpose of comforting the BBSJ squad, I was an accomplice.
    Colonel: I suggest under the waterer. That spot worked for years until it was discovered because of a clumsy neighbor, the crooked step into the coop, and a bag of marbles.
    Elanor: But now we keep a ton of stuff there!!
    Marianne: Where do I keep my diary? No, I'm not telling anyone, but it's better than any place you can think of, I bet.
    Sophia: Your locker at school?
    Marianne: How did you know?!!!
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  6. Elanor: School tomorrow!
    Freesia: I like school!
    Daylily: Same here!
    Marianne: Luckies...
    Sophia: Don't destroy that additude, Mari!
    Colonel: COCKLE DOODLE DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bisquick: Whoa! Do we have some new chicks?
    Pippy: Yeah tell us!
  8. Daylily: Where have you two been!?
    Freesia: We're four weeks old now!
    Daylily: we're Buff Orps.
    Freesia: And twins!
    Marianne: And annoying the daylights out of me.
  9. Omelette: Aw I want a buff orp sister :( That sounds like so much fun!
  10. Marianne: No, it is not fun. Not fun at all.
    Daylily: Yes it is!!!
    Freesia: It's a ton of fun!!

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