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Apr 19, 2009
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So I have a dilema, my dad lives with me and has a 6 year old dachsund (who was my mom's, but has now passed away). Long story short this dog was abused as a pup and has a lot of problems. About 6 months ago he bit my son. It didn't require stitches, and I wasn't so sure of the circumstances - so I just kept a closer eye on the two of them.

Last week my grandma came over to my house - I wasn't home so she went inside to put some papers on my kitchen counter. She was petting my other dogs when Riley the weenie dog came out and bit her. She ended up having to go to ER, didn't require stitches, but the dog did take out a big hunk of skin.

So I'm at a loss on what to do. This is my dad's dog, but unfortunately my 10 year old is more responsible than my dad, so this has fallen into my lap. Both of my sisters want nothing to do with a biting dog (understandably, I don't want him either). Plus to top it all off my ex-husband found out, and is now wanting to "discuss some concerns he has".

Will a rescue take a twice-confirmed biter? Is it even responsible to try to rehome him - or should I just put him down?
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i would imagine it would depend on the the circumstances surrounding the bitting if it was a feer thing then maybe with proper training and the proper home they could rehome him. You might want to call one of theese rescues and tell them what his story is and ask them what they might do with the dog. good luck i do know that this can be a very hard time.
First off I know some what where you coming from. I have a weenie named hubble which my hubby got for me a few months ago.
Now hubble was almost 3 years old anyway he has become very protective of me well a few weeks ago my hubby and I were playing around
On the floor and hubble came out of no where and bit hubby on the chest. Hubby wanted him gone I said no and well hubble is still here.
But if he was to bite out of pure meaness I would have no choice but to get rid of him.
I know most shelters do put them to sleep if they are biters. You may be able to find some sort of doggie rehab in your area.
Good Luck.
Once a dog has bitten, it is very likely to bite again. It's difficult if not impossible to train a biter not to bite. Giving him to someone else is a liability, and I'm not sure if a rescue would even take him. You are in a difficult situation, with you and your son's, as well as any visitor's, safety in question. I'm sorry; you have a hard decision to make.
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The first bite was possibly a fear thing, it was with my son and I wasn't quite sure of the circumstances, so I gave him a second chance and have been working with him.

This time he went straight for my grandma. She was inside petting the other dogs, and he ran out from another room and went straight for her.

He can be a sweet dog, and I have tried to work with him - but I think I've done all I can do. And now especially since my ex found out, I've got to do something. I love this dog - but I won't put him before my kids.

It just stinks - about 5 years ago I had to put down an aggressive dog. Its much easier putting an animal down when they're obviously sick or in pain.
My aunt has always had Dachsunds. They do tend to be a bit nippy! Hers used to "bite" us when we came over or would run in hide in her inside doggy house. She was sweet as pie to my Aunt though, but hated my Uncle (it was mutual). You may be able to find a dog rescue specific to the breed. If you look on the internet for Dachsund rescue, maybe there will be one close. They won't put the dog to sleep and will only give him to people wanting this specific breed. Also, you could put an ad up for him and say that he requires a single owner. (they seem to cling to one owner and view others as threat from what i've personnaly seen and heard) Dachsunds are a popular little dog and i'm sure there is some single person that would be thrilled!

Good Luck! This is a tough situation!
We learned this a few months ago with one we had. She bit my 2 year old in the face play nipping.

Most rescues will not accept a biter around here b/c they can't be rehabilitated and there are too many other dogs to place. That being said, there a some that MAY take him.
Animal control in 5 different counties told me that they would accept her but not place her b/c even nipping is an aggressive act. They would put her right down.

We rehomed her with a very nice family who had no children and lots of room. We also made sure they knew that she did have issues.
My g-ma has one and he has bitten my 2 yr. old, 4 yr. old and killed anything that hits the ground.....He is sweet sometimes but a vicious little thing too.

I would advertise for him and let it be known his biting habits...then, if all else what you have to do. I personally wouldn't keep a dog here at my house like my g-mas dog. It would have to go. Good Luck, Ihope someone takes it for you
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Hard Decision???? Not for me.............I sure would not want a dog that could possible dis figure my child. Think of the possible facial scaring while driving to the vet for a humane solution. If that doesn't work, then think of the possible LAWSUIT once little precious bites someone. Ask your home onwers insurance if you are covered for a proven biter. Amazing how we can cull our chickens but when it comes to an undesirable dog.................thank heavens baked chicken is better than dog!!!!! LOLOL
A little over a year ago I had two Jack Russell terriers. I had owned them for 10 and 12 years respectively. They were extremely well manner and affectionate dogs. When the younger dog turned 7 she started initiating fights with the older dog. These were take them to the vet to get them sewed back up kind of fights. The fights were a horrible thing to witness. five minutes after a fight everyone would be back to their normal friendly selfs. The frequency of the fights started increasing and she became very possessive of everything. She would growl and nip at us and a minutes or two later would be trying to climb into our laps to be petted. Given her age, and the fact she would fight I felt that we couldn't pass our problem on to someone else, nor could we continue to abide the situation. So I put her down. Even a year later I still feel heartsick when I think about her, but it was the right thing to do. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing.

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