**Bits & Pieces BISCOTTI COOKIE SAMPLER 2 lb bag! **

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    This is a listing for all the left over pieces of biscotti that don't make it out with my orders. We bake so much this time of year, and we never include broken or end pieces of biscotti with our 1 Dz orders, that we have a lot left over!

    Now's your chance to get a tasty sample (a whole 2 lbs!) of many different flavors all at once.

    These sure aren't the prettiest cookies, but they are FRESH from the most recent of our baking... these aren't old stale cookies. You are getting a fabulous deal over 50% buying this way, AND you get a variety.

    No strange flavors either, all the flavors available on our site is all you will end up with. I can't promise you'll get a dozen different flavors, but I can promise you will get 3 or more for sure! (But the bag won't be labeled with every flavor)

    So go ahead and grab up a good deal! This is a buy it now... so you don't even have to wait!!!

    ...but wait... there is more! You can add on ANYTHING from store: http://BiscottiQueen.Etsy.com and it will only be $1.75 additional shipping per item! So you can add on more biscotti... some lovely jam... chutney... or Chocolate bark!

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    What kind of jellies and jams do you have right now... Your store is "on vacation" LOL
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    Oops... lol... yeah I cut out early because I was baked up with baking. I am still shipping for Christmas.

    Jams/ Jellies still available:

    Lime Jelly (1)
    Scuppernog grape (1)
    Caramel Apple Preserves (4)
    Tomato & Apple Curry Chutney (2)
    Cranberry & Apple Chutney (3)
    Apply jelly (4)
    Strawberry Kiwi Jam (1)
    Tropical Jam - Pineapple/Peach/Cherry (1)
    Hot Pepper Jelly (4)
    Lavender Jelly (1)
    Pear Jelly (3)
    Strawberry Pineapple Ice Cream Topping (1)
    Blueberry Syrup (3)
    Pear Ginger Honey Jam (1)
    French Vanilla Peach Sauce for Ice Cream (1)

    All 8 oz jars - $6 before discount

    I also have 2 gift baskets available, Fully packed & shrink wrapped & ready to go:

    A 3 piece Honey sampler set - 1 6oz honey bear - Clover Jelly - Pear Ginger Honey Jam ($24)
    3 Piece Peach Sampler gift basket - 8 oz jars of - Peach Mebane (& raspberry) Jam - Tropical Jam - French Vanilla Peach Sauce ($24)

    You would get 10% any of those choices, and though my shop is closed I will still be able to ship tomorrow & I would just send an invoice via Paypal with the 10% discount.

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