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    Well as I have explained on here before. I was surprised a little over two weeks ago by my neighbor and friend who bought me six gold sex link chicks from TS. I was definately surprised but thrilled about my new little fuzz butts. But I knew that in the end I could not keep all six into adulthood. Because I do live in the city and do not have a large backyard I did not feel that I could house six full grown sex links and three Silkie hens.

    So I wanted to set up a back home for three of my six chicks. At first I thought maybe my sister would take them. But after their experience with their two roosters her fiancee said "No absolutely not, no more chickens!". And I was stumped. Then a friend I hadent heard from in a long time started commenting on my pics of my chicks on facebook.

    She told me that she had recently bought four chicks (she didn't specify breeds) and was planning on getting a couple of ducks in the future. She also has cattle and horses and her children do 4H. She has a big place in the country that would be perfect.

    So I emailed her with an offer. An offer that I will keep all six chicks until they are six weeks/or fully feathered. And while I have them I will have them on medicated food and will be exposing them to the outdoors and germs a little at a time, so it's all less likely to be a shock to their systems when they go outside for good. I explained their breed and what kind of eggs they would produce and how I am handling ALOT to make them people friendly. And finally I told her that I am willing to GIVE her three of my six chicks. All that I am asking is a promise of a loving home (which I know she can provide).

    I held my breath all day yesterday (okay not literally). But she emailed me back with a big "OF COURSE WE WOULD LOVE THREE MORE CHICKENS!". So my first reaction was "Hooray!! My babies will have a great home and I won't have to worry about space issues!

    Now I am sad that I will have to say goodbye to three of the six chicks I have bonded to. It is going to not be an easy to pick out who is going to stay and who is going to go. That's a big reason why I am willing to keep them until they are ready to move outside because not only do I want to be sure I pick out my favorite chicks to stay. I am hoping by that time, I will have a good idea if I have any potential Roos and if I do no matter how bonded I am, that chick (or chicks) will have to go.

    Of course if something unfortunate happens like the sudden death of a chick (or chicks) or if I end up with multiple males. Plans will change.

    But it is nice to have some peace of mind. Knowing that I no longer have to worry about finding three chicks a great future forever home.
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    Happy to hear you have a back up plan!!

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