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This probably should be under the disease thread, but here goes.
I have a Brahma of indertiminate age. If I had to guess, I'd say 2-3 yrs, but I really don't know. In the last 2-3weeks, she has been acting really strange. She stays out at night, MUCH later than the other girls, and she gets lost and disoriented, and can't find the coop. She fell asleep in a toolbox across the yard last night. Could this be a disease? She is still eating, drinking, and at the head of the pecking order. Its really sad!
Thanks in advance.
That's possible. She has laid only one egg post-molt, about a month ago. Could she be egg bound? She also kind of strays away from the rest of the flock, and seems like she's in her own world most of the time. Again, she is still aggressive, and eats/drinks a lot!
maybe shes really old and is going senile?
That would be my guess too.

I made her "follow my finger". Her eyes didn't move much, but her pupils dilated....I couldn't feel an egg in her belly, so not egg bound.

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