Black Ameraucana cockerel- middle TN


Green Eggs and Hamlet
12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
I have a 13 week old black ameraucana cockerel that needs a new home. I don't have pictures of just him, but this is his daddy.


Make an offer. All of my extra roos go to a local farmer. This guy has such potential that I don't particularly want him to be eaten.

I can meet up in Murfreesboro or Franklin.
Tempting...I have a splash roo now for my black hens but a black could be nice with my blue get or not to get
Please, please, please take him! I don't want him to get eaten and we are now counting down to dinner. I have 4 easter egger roos and the one black ameraucana out there and I am out of pullets to pair them up with. Nobody on Craigslist wants roosters without hens.

I will warn you- he is really young. He doesn't look like the one in the picture yet. I have high hopes though as he comes from awesome lines. For that reason alone I hate to give him to my farmer friend to eat.

Do you know of anybody looking for an easter egger roo? I have three left that are going to be stunning. One is black with green and copper flecks. One is black with gorgeous green and blue irridescence. The last is blue with really pretty lacing. All have an ameraucana father with an assortment of mothers. They are going to be really nice roosters.
He's about the same age as my other Ameraucana kids from Jean..I have a bunch of black pullets another black hen and the one I got from you so I got this splash roo from Garners and a few blue hens and have a blue pullet so thinking black roo then I will have some black and hopefully deeper blue chicks...just need another roo like I need another roo!!
Sorry no help on the EE boys I just gave away a bunch of them all half true Ameraucana I kept a black and silver roo from Blue Jeans and another black and silver EE I had he was too beautiful to eat so will become my Jr roo in that pen. I put them on CL and LSN free and got rid of about 50 sold 30 for about peanuts and gave the rest away just to get them off my feed bill...feeding well over 200 that I need to feed
Trying to think when I could get him.
I am around Murfreesboro on Sunday. I can do Franklin Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (around 8am). I can likely do Murfreesboro Wednesday- Friday afternoons next week. I've got a couple of appointments that I'm waiting to confirm, so the week is a little squirrly. I think I'm around all day that next Saturday though.

Want to do a trade? I'd love another line of ameraucana eggs to add to the mix. Right now I'm doing a Gardner roo with Pips&Peeps hens. It would be nice to add another BBS line in and I happen to have a couple of ameraucanas trying to be broody.

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