Black and Blue Copper Marans and Partridge Cochin (LF) chicks and hatching eggs

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  1. Ray from PA

    Ray from PA Chirping

    Berks county PA,,, between Reading and Lebanon , pick up only

    Black and Blue Copper Marans chicks available, starting at $8 , pick up only, ages range from newly hatched to 9 weeks old.

    Many juvenile black or blue copper marans available also, reasonable !!!

    A few laying pullets available also.

    Partridge Cochins (LF)chicks, $8 at hatch, straight run. Photo is of parent stock, young birds, under a year old. Not nearly mature looking, will improve with maturity,

    One mature pair of Black Breasted Red Phoenix (longtails) ; $40 ( one year old )

    hatching eggs for Marans and Partridge Cochins also available $ 25 per dozen
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  2. retiredchicken

    retiredchicken Hatching

    Oct 12, 2013
    Ray, just wanted to tell you how much I still like the young birds you sold to me. (Val picked them up for me. ) Not only do they look good but their calm/friendly attitude makes them easy to work with.
  3. Ray from PA

    Ray from PA Chirping

    Hello Gayla,
    Nice to hear from you. I'm so glad you like your trio ! Marans are a great breed, attractive and easy going for the most part. One of my favorite things about them is the Rooster's attitude. None of my guys here are aggressive toward people and that makes them so much easier to live with, hope yours turns out to be a good guy also.

    thanks for dropping me a message,,, enjoy them and I hope you get some nice colored eggs from the gals.

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