Black and Lavender Orpington Cockerels

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    NPIP certified farm offering black split to lavender and lavender Orpington cockerels. Half American (hinkjc) and Half English lines. Black splits are $3 each, lavenders $6 each. 100% Black/Lav Split Orpington sire shown in photo. He is also an exceptionally easy roo to handle, easy on the girls but effective, and not in the least bit aggressive. His sons thus far have taken after his mellow personality.

    End of the season sale! No reasonable offer will be refused. Volume discounts.

    Indianapolis, IN area for pickup.

    All chicks are vaccinated against Marek's disease. Farm was recently screened by the State Diagnostic Lab and found negative for AI, MG, and PT.


    100% English Jubilee Orpington rooster, 16 month old, also for sale. $40. Excellent fertility, easy on girls, no aggression, and very quiet in my flock. I have his brother, and no longer need both. Absolutely gorgeous bird. Photo was taken in January. He has broadened significantly since then.
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