Black Astralorp stopped laying


7 Years
Jul 7, 2015
Carlisle, MA
My wonderful layer a coming 3yo Black Astralorp has stopped laying all of a sudden. She is not moulting. She started laying mid-February, nice big eggs at about 3-4 eggs/week then in the past 2.5 weeks she hasn't lay an egg at all. Her hen mates, an Ameraucan of the same age is laying her usual 4 eggs a week and a year younger Ameraucana mix (don't really know her breed at all) is laying 4-5 eggs/week. We have had funky weather with warm then snow then warm then snow. We live in Northeast MA. Any ideas on how to figure out the problem? She seems healthy otherwise.
Can you post an image of her? Many so called Australorps are black commercial Hybrids that stop laying at 2 to 3 years of age. Otherwise she could have started molting already and has stopped laying as replacing all of her feathers and laying would put too much strain on them.
Hi Aart, I will take a look at the "nether" tomorrow. She is the sweetest and tamest of my 3 hens. No I don't free range, too many hawks and coy-wolves in the conservation land we back up to. She has been a spectacular layer for her first 2 years and was the first to lay after they'd all molted November, December and January. And she lay beautiful eggs from the get go. Then 2 weeks ago she stopped laying. The other two are laying regularly and she sometimes goes in the coop with one of them when they are in for laying.
Miss Lydia, Thanks for your response. Gives me hope! Will still take a look at her vent area to make sure nothing is amiss there but I doubt it.

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