black australorp and a blue egg? (added pics)


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Mar 28, 2009
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just got two laying BAs yesterday and today had all my regular eggs in the nest (from my four established hens) PLUS one blue egg. i don't have an EE or an AA. have not seen an egg like this since we lost our EE in the summer.

is a blue egg normal for an BA? have never read that--thought they were only brown (or cream in Australia, i read). or maybe i got a cross and don't know it?

i am sure a pic would help and i'll add one tomorrow--gathered eggs in the dark and am just confused as all get out about this egg! but happy that one of the new girls laid so quickly after being transplanted.
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I just found out one of my Houdan Hens is laying an Olive Egg, I also have no EE's, well 2 Bantams, but Houdans usually lay White eggs, so it is a mystery. As far as I know BA's lay a tan egg.
Pics please! I loove houdans, and I looove Olive eggs. You should breed her for that trait. For me.

There is someone here who has Polish who seem to lay blue eggs, so - Who knows. Some people, though, get birds claimed as one thing and aren't. (like Aussies that are actually just black, beardless EE's)

I'd love to see the blue egg though - As well as the Australorp
it's interesting, i agree!

i had a long work day so no pic of the BA but here is a pic of both eggs--got another one today. you can also see my normal eggs--GLW (the tinted one at the top), one of my BLs (white, smaller), and my RSL (browns).

the light is awful in here so the saturation is turned up...but they are definitely blue-green. i am fascinated to hear that a BA could actually be an EE though!

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They must be crossed with something to get the blue egg gene. Maybe even someone had a project to create blue egg laying BAs? We had both Wyandottes and Australorps and their egg colour was about the same - only the wyandottes' looked more spotted. Pics of the birds might help to determine how pure they look, but then again if they are a project for blue egg australorps they may look pure and still be controlled crosses (with ee/araucana/ameraucana)...
here you out bright and early to get some pics.




and here they are with my other brown and white layers so you can see relative size...
The first pic is your EE... BAs dont have any coloring other than black in their feathers. And the shine is blue/green not red or brown
Your culprit is the one in the front on the first pic. She's crossed with EE or Ameraucana. Notice the brown in the hackles and the pea comb. The other one looks BA.
Yep. The one with the pea comb is your blue egg layer. The genes that cause the blue or green egg seem related to the pea comb genes. From what I understand there are about 7 different genes involved in egg color.

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