Black Australorp - Do I get to stay with my favorite little boy or not?


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Mar 30, 2011
We bought a Black Australorp from a local breeder last week. S/he, Olive, adores my son and happily perches on his lap. Olive is a LOT bigger than our other chicks (Wellies, BR) and a titch bigger than our BO. It may be that she is older? I do know they were "started" chicks. She doesn't have much of a comb so hopefully she can stay.... I am attempting to raise larger bodied pullets for our giant EE rooster in hopes of giving our other hens a break! :) Thanks for looking!!

Looks like an Olive to me! I have a chick that apparently was put in the wrong bin at the feedstore. It was supposed to be a wyandotte pullet and is apparently an Australorp roo. He is 4 weeks old now, but in this picture he is 24 days old. It will give you a comparison.
Hi might be a bit early to tell on gender, HOWEVER....BA roos get their combs and wattles fairly early. At 3 weeks old, you will usually start to see a big ol comb coming in. Usually. LOL Like the pic below yours from fshrchik, that bird is definitely a roo.

You can not tell by size with BA chicks, as some pullets shoot up fast and others take their good old time to grow. BUT...all this being said, I THINK you have a pullet there!
Thanks!! Her personality seems more female and she doesn't get involved when the baby cockerels get annoyed with each other, except to jump in the middle and break it up if she gets annoyed. I'm hoping she'll be a larger BA then! :) She's just soooo cute!

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