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Jul 12, 2011
I have a buff orp, 2 RIR, 2Barred Rocks, 2 Golden laced wyandotts, and 2 black australorps. They are all about the same age within 1-2wks. I got them middle july they were 9-11 weeks then. They are all growing in size except australorps. One especially is quiet small. The other one is mixed with cochin and is a little bigger but the others are eating her feathers on her back by tail. Do australorps grow slower? They appear as healthy as the others and eat everything they are given. this is my first go around with chickens so I don't know much yet. still learning and asking lots of questions.
I have Blk Australorp, wyndottes, brahama,RIR,EE.....they are all 22 wks old and all equal in size, except the RIR ,she is just a tad smaller but much louder and more aggressive..
my australorp is 3 weeks younger than my wyandottes and larger both in weight and size. My golden laced are nice and plump compared to the others.

Mine were kind of stalled for awhile too. I pulled back on the treats and they picked up in growth.

Yours and mine are about the same age now. I got mine as day olds for mothers day.

The paver stones next to my BA are 12x12 and about 2 inches thick. I hope it helps.


Sometimes when folks sell chickens they figure the ages wrong so ..... Could they be younger?
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I have seven Australorps all hatched on March 23 and they all seem like they're at different stages. The three biggest ones just started laying this week, the next three largest look like they might lay within a week or two, and the one who's noticeably the smallest (Inky - the only one with a name) still has peach-colored comb and no real wattles. They all have good appetites and all of them seem very healthy.
thank you that helps. worried that maybe they sold me a bantam instead and being a newbie don't guess i would have known. They were all the same size when I got them.
I have 2 australorps that are the same age. One is bigger and her comb and waddles are much more red than my other. I guess they just developed differently?
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I've got a wellie, a dom, a br, an ee, and a ba, all 9 weeks old yesterday. The ba and the dom are definitely the smallest of the flock, both in size and weight, not ridiculously so but noticeably. They all eat, drink, and do their thing normally, though so I'm sure it's just an "individual" thing and not any kind of real issue. I've also heard that heavier breeds tend to grow and mature more slowly.
I have 2 black australorps. I was worried one was a rooster because of the size of comb and wattle. They are both laying now and the other does not have much of a comb or wattle.

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