Black Australorp Question.........


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Apr 18, 2011
I should get a new photo for you guys before posting this. Hopefully I can get a good shot later and add it to this post if needed. I bought 3 australorp chicks (and barred) this spring. The left one just "looks" different than the other two and I wanted to know if this is typical for the breed. This was the smallest of the trio when I bought them, but is now one of the largest. The neck chest fuzz is more a battleship grey color, but the underbelly is cream. As far as feet, I had the impression they were more yellow toned underneath, but yesterday outside I wasn't sure if they were all THAT yellow. They are not however as pink as the chick in photo next to her. It seems an in between color? Just wanted opinions if its possible Jersey Giant. It is much more "gangly" compared to the others, and is the slowest to feather out compared to the rest of the group.
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