Black Australorps birth token white chick


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Aug 2, 2020
Hi All

I have a flock of BA's(5 hens 1 rooster). I raised them from 8 weeks old. At no point have they mixed with any other breed. I have hatched 2 successful clutches of chicks. With my second batch of chicks, one chick came out white. I figured the chick will become black once they start feathering. So @ 2 weeks old they have started feathering. Lo and behold the chick is getting white feathers.

So my question as a new chicken owner and aspiring breeder is: How?

I have attached a picture of the parents & the entire clutch, as well as a couple of close ups of the "white chick"


Please forgive me if I used the wrong thread
White Australorps would be really fun to have! Would be a cool project.


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One thing I don't like about plain white birds, is when they get dirty, they are stained, & look dirty for awhile.

Yeah, my California White is getting pretty dingy and needs to molt. But my SLW isn't looking good either because her feathers are so worn that the pattern is blurry and one of the two Blue Australorps is more of a sun-faded taupe than blue anymore.


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May 31, 2018
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Like paint?

I would love to have paint or splash in my flock!
Yes, or red breasted white hens, & White roosters with red Shoulder Patches. These are nice looking too.

I want paints, splashes, & calicos. But these are variations of blue. Except for paint is Dominant White X Extended Black.

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