Black Australorps, Dominique, Red Dorking and Guinea Hatching Eggs

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    SUMMER SALE on Shipped Hatching eggs from RedBug Plantation:

    Black Australorps (now these birds are Heritage birds so hens will go broody but not as often as other breeds we raise). $18 dozen

    Dominique ~ $18 dozen

    Red Dorkings ~ $2 per egg ~ girls just getting over molt and hatching so only getting couple eggs a day. PM for availability.

    Guinea eggs from beautiful Colored flock ~ $1 per egg or $10 per dozen

    Shipping is $15 for first dozen and $3 extra for each dozen after that to all order on the East Coast to mid states. West Coast orders are $18 per dozen and $3 extra for each dozen after that. Guinea eggs may be a little more if making big order due to all the bubble wrap and I cannot ship big orders of 30 to 40 in a flat rate box. All eggs are shipped Priority with tracking number through Paypal(if that is how you pay--which is my preference). Large orders of guinea eggs ship in bubble wrap and are double boxed--small orders go in cartons. Chicken eggs go in cartons that are then bubble wrapped. Eggs in cartons are wrapped in paper towels and we have had very good results with our shipping methods.

    PM me for more information on birds or eggs--thank you for looking!

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