Black Australorps?


11 Years
Apr 6, 2008
My local feed store is going to be getting some Black Australorps in on Tuesday. From what I have read they tend to be calm and non-aggressive. Is this true? My first experience with chickens kind of turned out badly. I bought some RIR's and you couldn't go near them without them pecking at you and drawing blood. We raised them from chicks too, so I don't know if it was just some bad bloodlines or what because I've read that some RIR's can be very nice. Right now I have 5 sex-link chickens which are very nice, but I would like to expand my flock and try a new breed. I have a few questions about them. What are their temperaments like? Are they good layers? I am thinking about trying free-range, right now I have a chicken tractor. I have read they are pretty big chickens so would a 5ft. fence be ok to free-range them in?
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I love my Astralorps. They get pretty big and are very good egg layers. Mine are not aggessive at all. They come near me, but back away when I reach out to most of my chickens. 5ft fence might work out .... I never saw mine jump the 4ft fence that we have, where other lighter breeds like EE's and Isa Browns jump it with no problem. I think you'll like them...
great friendly birds. inquisitive and good at free ranging. mine are pretty vocal and wander in and out of the house and property.

they have flown as high as four feet. now that spring is here, i get and egg a day from each.

behold the mighty blackaroni

Chickflick & Okto - Thanks so much for the replies. I can't wait to get them

Okto - Your Australorp is very pretty!
When we very first got chicks, we got a mixed flock of about 8 different breeds. The australorps were by far the friendliest chicks (followed closely by the barred rocks and buff orpingtons), hopping right in our hands for some attention. They grew into the friendliest breed in the coop. I can't imagine you'll have any problem with them. Good Luck!
They are such a sweet breed i had some several years ago and when they were chicks i'd come home exhausted and they would want to be with me so i would put on a movie and let them out and get on the floor and they would just snuggle with me and well would all sleep for hours. then as a adult they were so sweet especially since i handled the so much
farm_mom & M.J - Thanks so much for the info

I am going to be getting them tomorrow so I will post some pictures tomorrow night.

Thanks again to everyone for the replies!
I love them and will get mroe in the future. I dont' think you can go wrong. But get a mixed flock if you can. Buff Orphingtons are awsome as well.
well i went to the store to get barred rocks, and the poor sales lady was sure the black australorps were the barred rocks, so i wound up getting two of those just to please her (lol) and i must say that the two australorps are even more docile than the barred rocks, so far. i'm real pleased with them.
In my opinon they are one of the best breeds for eggs and for their temperment.My kids loved them and loved getting double yolkers all the time.I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. They are awesome. Will





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