Black Austrolorps----31 weeks anD STILL NOT laying--?pecking by others

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    Apr 20, 2011
    Ok, so I am ready to give up. We have the SWEETEST Black Austrolorps that we raised. Bought them on April 1st, and they were maybe 3 days old or so. I just counted on the calendar and it has been 31+ weeks and NEITHER CHICKEN IS LAYING! We have a great coop, a nice warm heat lamp all day and niight here in Utah, food, oyster shell, constant water and food, and they are outside all day in the backyard. WHAT MORE DO THEY NEED???? My only thought is that their feather on their backs close to their tails (but not there actual tail feathers) and all snipped up as though another one of our chickens (6 others, including reds and leghorns) may be PECKING at their feathers and breaking them off? I don't see ANY of those black feathers in the coop, though anywhere!
    What is going on??? ANyone have ideas???? AHHHHH!!!!! Plus the fact that we have 8 chickens and barely get 2-4 per day!
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    May 14, 2011
    I am at a loss myself with mine. My last flock was almost all BA and they were laying at 20 weeks. The ones I have now are at least 26 weeks and not laying although egg squatting.
    I think it has to do with which hatchery they came from.
    Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for eggs from them soon.
    As to the picking I am not sure that counts for much. I have a BO that is the low gal on the order and has been laying for about 10 days now. She is also much younger than the BAs that I have.
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    Are the chickens out all day free roaming? could they be laying somewhere out side. Maybe if you kept them in for a few days you could tell if there laying or not. I had a hen that the other hens and the rooster was picking on, so I would let her out by herself and leave the others in. She was laying regular at that time. I know she must have been laying outside, but look as we might we never found a one. They can be good hiders. From another Utah chickener. Good luck [​IMG]
    P.S. My daughter has 5 Black Austrolorps born the first of May, they all started laying a month ago at 5 months. I don't have any Austrolorps but my Barred Rock have not started laying eather.
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