Black Bantum Silky

Gma Leghorn

Sep 10, 2019
About a week ago while doing my barnyard chores Ebony my black bantum rooster was sparing with another rooster and after about 15 seconds he all of a sudden started flopping around on the ground. I immediately picked him up and he immediately died in my arms. I was shocked, no injuries, was it a heart attack? Today when I left the barn this morning all chicks were doing fine, eating and running around. I went back out to the barn about 3 hours later to gather eggs and check on everyone and laying there was BB (black beauty) on her side sort of gasping for air. I picked her up, checked her all over no injuries. She could not stand and started flopping around like Ebony. I checked her throat to see if she had food lodged but she didn't. She continued to get more stressed so after about fives minutes I put my baby to sleep. I couldn't let her suffer. What is happening to my Silky Bantums? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love my chickens. Both chicks were less than two years old.


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Apr 3, 2011
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If you have the body, keep it cool and wrapped in plastic—do not freeze, and send it into your state poultry lab in the morning. The earlier death could have been an injury, but hard to know without a necropsy. Where are you located? Check your feed to make sure there is no mold or funny odor. Look around for any other possible toxin, such as rat poison, automotive spill, lead, etc. Sorry for your loss. Here is a list of state poultry vets to call in your state:
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