Black bearded silkie eggs

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  1. Up for your consideration are 12+ eggs from our black silkie pen. We separated the blacks from the blue/splash almost 3 weeks ago. I believe that you will get all black chicks, but I guess there is still a remote possibility of getting a blue or splash chick.

    We have searched high and low for the typiest and darkest black hens we could find and will be showing a couple of these hens in the Sunshine Classic in January.

    We are NPIP/AI certified.

    If you are concerned about cold weather, I can use the thick walled styrofoam shipper if you would like. Just let me know.


    New black male from Signature Farm



  2. sheilawagner

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    Jul 16, 2010
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    Hi Judy,

    When do you plan to ship these eggs out?


  3. flyweed

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Hi, I'd like to buy a dozen of these from you. I live i Southern Wisconsin, where we are in the dead of winter right now....would it still be OK to ship? I'd love to hatch some of these little guys out with my kids as a winter project.

    Talk soon
  4. I still need 4 eggs to complete this order. I should have these by tomorrow or Saturday. All the black girls have decided that being broody is no fun when you aren't sitting on eggs. They are starting to pick up laying now. None of these eggs are more than 3 days old.

    I'll gladly split the order half black, half blue/splash if anyone prefers that.
  5. Meant to add that I can use a styrofoam shipper that will protect the eggs from cold weather. Here is a picture of the shipper.


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