Black Beauty killed this evening


13 Years
Aug 5, 2008
I'm sad to share that one of our eight chickens, the black Australorp named Black Beauty, was killed by our two dogs this evening. We like to let our girls free range a few hours a day, but have two dogs that we have to put in their kennel cages when we let the girls out. One of dogs is the one that killed our first 10 two week old chicks in their brooder box in the garage, so we've been extra careful. DW took dogs for a walk. I told her to put the dogs in their cages when she got back, as I was going to let the hens free range in our backyard, but she forgot. Poor Black Beauty had a bunch of feathers ripped out and I found her in very poor shape on the ground, appearing to have a broken neck. I picked her up and tried to make her comfortable. She died a minute or two after I found her. My DD was very sad. We buried her with some roses DD picked.

Dogs and chickens just don't mix. Zero room for error. I sure wish we had dogs that could co-exist with our chickens. Could've been worse, I suppose. The other seven are fine.
I agree about certain dogs and chickens not being able to peacefully coexist. Our little dog killed 3 this week and I am nursing the 4th one back to health. Dog is in solitary confinement awaiting a new home. I've had it. Good luck.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

When we got our 4 chicks, our pitbull was allrerady over a year old. I knew we taking a huge chance since pits have a pretty well preydrive.But we let the chicks free range after about a week. Took the dog on a leash and sat her down in the middle of the chickens.Everytime she would look at them( you could see she would love to chase them) we turned her around and focus on a different thing.Also telling her NO when she would look at them. We didnt that for about 2 hours for 2 days and now she could care less. She runs right thru them and they flap and complain but she wont even look at them now.

We let her out to go to the bathroom alone. we watch her thru the window.She does her business right next to them sometimes and not even a look at the chickens.

Also.. when we got out 4th cat not to long ago, all she ever did was clean its ears. She likes the cats , other dogs not so much.

If you watch Cesar Milan and apply some of the methods you can retrain your dog. He is really good


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