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Oct 11, 2009
have had chickens now for 3 years.
lost 2 one day to a stray dog, lost 5 one day to coyotes, lost another to a hawk.
Thats all Ok now, have a good rooster that alerts the hens when there is any danger.( he is better than my two dogs at this )
What I hate most is, since my chickens are free rangers, I leave the coop door open for them while out, lock them in every evening.
The birds come in and eat 4 x more chicken feed than the chickens eat in a day.
Looking for some type of gadget that can keep the birds from reaching down into the feeder and still allow my chickens access.
Any ideas ?
Do they use a pop door or is it a human sized door?
If it is a pop door maybe add some clear vinyl strips to help discourage entry. If it is a human size door I would close it and use a pop door.
I read somewhere that the shiny foil seals from coffee cans hung around the coop will help discourage wild birds. Does it work?
We use old CDs on strings at different levels to deter birds and they work well for us on sparrows and such, but the doves ignore them. It is now dove season here though
We have the CDs where the breeze spins them and sun reflects off them. Who knows may work for ya.....
I have a poop door. I'll try the clear plastic strips,thanks
I think I shall use both the plastic strips on the poop door and the treadle feeder.
Like the metal treadle feeders on ebay , it takes care of my other problem which is mice and squarels.

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