Black/Blue Silkie Cockerels in AL


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama

This must be the year of the Rooster, I have several excellent quality Silkie Cockerels that I can't use. Two are from Bamachicken's eggs.

These are for give away and I will be willing to drive a ways to meet someone but in that case $5.00 to help with gas.

It is to hot to ship from Alabama at this time so they are for pickup only.
PLease could you ship i'm in desperate need of a silkie rooster and you could put fruit rinds and apples to keep hydrated it would work but im in mn so i would pay 10-15$ for the bird and what ever you'd like for shipping but please under $40

If you can not I totaly understand no one wants anything happening with their babies;)
I would be happy to ship him to you for only the cost of the postage but the P.O. will not accept any birds for shipment if the Temp is 80 degrees or over at either the shipping location or the delivery location. If you can post in the wanted to buy where you are and what you are looking for I bet you will find someone who has and extra bird or two for you. We all end up with more roos than we need. Good Luck.

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