Black Breasted Red OEG Bantam Roo - Very tame - NE Vermont


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT

Much to my son's dismay, we are thinning out our flock to concentrate more on the critically endangered and rare breeds.
Our loss is your gain! We have a very handsome and alert little OEGB named "Timmy" (yes he knows his name). He has been on walks with my 6 year old son just holding him for a half mile. He doesn't mind being held and you can even flip him on his back. He is becoming a little aggressive with the silkie roos because he wants the hens. He really needs a loving, caring home with some female hens of his own breed. I am sure his chest would puff out so much with pride! He is a good watch chicken too (crows an alarm if anything - even a butterfly - goes by or overhead).

I am asking $5.00 for him.

I am willing to ship, but it is up to the buyer to get a proper shipping box sent to me and send their address to get actual shipping charges. I would prefer someone to pick him up, but if worse comes to worse....

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