Black broiler chicks in Widefield, CO, SALE THRU SUNDAY

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    Mar 3, 2012
    I have 25 Jumbo Cornish X/Australorp chicks better known as "Black Broilers." Asking $2 each or 10 for $15 (SALE PRICE $1.50 EA THROUGH SUNDAY). They hatched Monday 2/11 & since I received them 2/13, have been fed a 22% protein, organic vegetarian diet. These will be sold as straight run, so I can't guarantee what gender you'll get or how many of each gender. We recommend at least 2 are purchased to keep each other company. These chicks require a heat lamp until they're 3-4 weeks old when they finally grow adult feathers and can be outside. I give the option of raising them for you until they're old enough to live outside (see details below). The black broilers are more active and don't grow as fast as the regular meat birds used in the commercial industry, so they are less prone to heart and leg problems. They can be processed as early as 4 weeks (cornish hen size) or wait longer until 8-12 weeks for a 3-6 pounder. If you'd like to keep them around longer, they need their protein limited ASAP so they don't grow as big nor as fast. We ask that even though some of these will be someone's dinner, that they receive the best possible care and food. When it comes time to cull, we ask it be done quickly. Hopefully not to be used as animal food.

    I have some broiler hens now and even though they aren't recommended for "efficient" egg laying (as you can't expect 300+ eggs per year out of them), some of my ladies (pictured at almost 6 mos old, hens NOT for sale) started laying sooner than other breeds & I've gotten some XL eggs (even double yolks) out of them. Some of the broilers are just as good foragers as my other birds. The picture of eggs is showing a standard, large brown egg like those you'd see in the store versus a bigger broiler egg. I feed all of my chickens organic feed, and these babies will be no exception.

    If you'd like me to "raise" your birds until they can be outside or processed, I ask $15 each to include organic feed and care for 3-4 weeks until they feather out. 25% of your total cost is expected up front and is non-refundable to hold the # of birds you want (example: $15 up front to reserve 4 black broilers for me to raise for you). I can't process them for you though. They are heavy, "meaty" birds that can dress out between 3-6 pounds at 8-12 weeks, some possibly even more if you let them grow to 16 weeks. But they aren't the 'super' birds, so you can get meat and/or eggs from them. If you figure price per pound, it's around $2.50-$5.00/per pound depending on their processed weight. Email for more info & thanks.

    NOTE: I'd be willing to trade for the following: 1 Speckled Sussex rooster, Speckled Sussex pullets or hens under 2 years of age, 1-2 bigger Silkie pullets or hens that can live with standard sized birds, female/doe/doeling or neutered male/wether de-horned pygmy goat, quality mixed (half alfalfa/half grass) hay, quality alfalfa hay, working incubator, etc. Might consider other trades if you let me know what you have.
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