Black chicken, any idea what breed OR gender?? lol


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
Richlands, Virginia
I bought some chickens the other day, mostly new hatchlings, but I seen this slighlty bigger bird and had to have him/her, strange looking chicken! lol
Any idea what breed he/she may be, and whether it looks like a Pullet or a Cockerel?

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I'm guessing pullet at this age but it's probably too soon to tell. One thing you shouldn't do is keep that older bird with the youngsters. The top two reasons being is 1) the younger chicks don't have the immune system needed to cope with anything the older chick may shed, and 2) chances are the older chick will be dominant and hurt or kill those younger chicks.
Thank you.. Actually, I got them together, she (i'm assuming?) spreads her wings out, and they all try to pile under her! lol
Now, the disease issue you mentioned worries me.. I would think it would be ok, considering they came from the same place?
Or is it still a concern?
Im fairly certain they should be fine together if you got them from the same place:) and Im also thinking "she" is either an EE or a mixed breed. Should look very nice when older:D
I have black sex link hens and this looks like one of them. Some of mine have more black and some have more orange but definitly looks like that!
I think it's a black sex link, and is a hen.

I agree. These are my black sex link pullets in my avatar.
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