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Black Cochin Bantams

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by MJ chicken16, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. MJ chicken16

    MJ chicken16 In the Brooder

    Hi! My family and I are thinking about getting a Black Cochin Bantam chick for our Silkie, who is all alone. However, we do not want a rooster. We need a chick, since it is hard to introduce just one chicken. We are going to switch out an egg for a chick after a few weeks of the Silkie being broody. I was wondering if all bantams are not sexed, or if it's only Silkies that they don't even try to sex.

    Thanks![​IMG] This is our Silkie, Gigi [​IMG]

  2. CascadiaRiver

    CascadiaRiver Songster

    Dec 12, 2014
    Pacific Northwest
    Black cochin chicks are not auto-sexing and depending on where you get them they might be already sexed, or a helper may be able to try and feather sex one for you if they are young enough, people can and do sex cochin bantams (I have at my volunteer feedstore job), sexing cochin bantams is not as hard as sexing a silkie (which is near impossible until a few months old) so you should be okay.
  3. MJ chicken16

    MJ chicken16 In the Brooder

    Thank you SOO much! I really appreciate it!!![​IMG]
  4. MJ chicken16

    MJ chicken16 In the Brooder

    I see you are in the PNW...where is the feed store you are referring to, if you don't mind posting online? We am in Western WA, Seattle area. We have had to re-home 3 roosters, and are really trying to avoid having to do that again. Sounds like the feed store has had some experience with sexing Cochins. We are thinking of getting one this spring.

    Thanks for your insight and help!

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