Black Cochin/ Silkie X - 2 hens - 2 roos - NE Vermont


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT




For sale are 4 Black Cochin / Silkie cross chickens. 2 hens and 2 roos. The roos do not look alike at all, but they are related!
"Charlie" probably looks more like the Cochin side with the comb and all. He has the black feathers and feathered legs and feet. His feathers on his neck and back have some white in there. He has such soft and silky feathers and LOVES the hens (any hen that is). He has a great adolescent roo.

"Pepper"....what can I say. I saw an adult roo at a swap last week that looked just like him. He is going to be gorgeous! He has a mohawk tophat going on and a low profile comb (walnut?). He has white and copper/gold feathers mixed in with his black. He is the softest and silkiest chicken I have ever touched! Very docile, tame and can roo, but usually doesn't. The 2 girls follow him everywhere.

"Daisy" and "Maisy" the 2 hens. Very Cochin like in appearance to me. Not sure if they will be bantam size or not. Very quite and docile. Love "Pepper"and follow him around. Get very upset if they are apart from each other and Pepper.

We are thinning our flock to concentrate on critically endangered and rare breeds of chickens and other livestock. I hate to get rid of especially Pepper and the girls, but we have to make hard decisions.

I am asking $25.00 for the quad. Shipping is negotiable, but I prefer pick up.
I will try to get a good pic of Charlie up soon and maybe an updated one (it's only been 2 weeks since these pics) of Pepper since he has gotten more coloration and feathers on his head.


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