Black copper maran

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Bought some 20 wk old pullets 5 of them from a reputable breeder, went to buy black sexlinks and welsummers she let me pick my birds from a large enclosure, I picked one that is black with copper feathers on her head. The breeder was surprised she say's its a copper maran she hatched a bunch along with her black sexlinks and thought she had gotten them separated before them going into her sale pen. Cool for me I guess but I don't know anything about the breed, so far she is the tamest of the 5 and lets me hold her. Anyone have any and are they good layers and brooders. I am considering getting a rooster and am curious about what type to get I have a mixed flock of Barred Rocks Austrolorpes, welsummer, black sexlinks and the copper maran. Also to thoses who may be local I am in Idaho I highly recommend Dorothey Schwartz as a place to go to buy birds her place is amazing and spotless the birds are healthy and reasonably priced. I paid just 15 dollars per bird.

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