Black Copper Marans - 10-12 hatching eggs


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Sep 25, 2007
I've got all my bator will hold, and have filled all my orders...but the gals are still laying well, and I can't bring myself to eat the gorgeous eggies!

Eggs have lightened, as they've been laying since February - I will include a shell sample of when they were laying darker so that you can see what to expect. The Marans egg in my avatar is one of the nicest I've gotten. Not the darkest out there, but very nice color, at about 6-7 at the darkest. I've been concentrating on breeding to the standard, and have had Black Copper Marans for over four years.

My line is a combination of Davis, original W. Jeane, and a bit of Cottage Hill (though not much any longer). My gals are a bit dark, my cock bird this year is VERY VERY nice - excellent color balance, eye color, shank color is per SOP, he could use more shank feathering, but I have several gals with a bit too much, so offspring should be right on the money. I have had a few clean shanks hatch this year. Most have light to medium feathering. My cockerel does have about 10% copper feathrs in his chest, but his daddy began this way and is now solid black, so I anticipate this boy to do the same. My gals could use more hackle color, and I believe this boy will give it to them, so next year's flock will be even better!

This is a PayPal only auction - payment is due by 5 p.m. Eastern tomorrow (Tuesday). Eggs will ship by noon tomorrow.

ETA: The auction picture of my male was taken when he was 18 weeks old - I am in serious need for more current pics and will get them this week (although the auction will be over by then!). But, anyone wishing to see a current pic, please PM and I'll make sure to send one to you when I get them.

Thanks for looking!

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