Black COPPER Maran's - 2 Pullets - Ohio

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    Mar 9, 2010
    I'm looking for 2, ok I'd take 3, BLACK COPPER MARAN'S from a NPIP breeder. Pullets only, age 4 months and older. I know, dream on, right? [​IMG]

    I need them to complete my flock and my mom does crafty stuff with the eggs. Very Dark Eggs are as important as good health!! My Girls have a wonderful home & life here and we love them! I know this is a near impossible request and hard to part with them at this age when they are about to start laying. I'll make it worth $ your while!

    I'm in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. I'm willing to have them shipped but would much rather pick up so it's less stressful for them.

    Thank you!!

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