black copper marans and blue laced red wyandotte ckicks and maybe EE

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    Jul 16, 2009
    I'm looking for these 2 breeds in particular. Some of you may know that I resently lost more than half of my flock to a dog. Well- now with the coop reinforced, I am looking for new members for our family. Though I did not have any black copper marans, I did have 2 of the wyandottes. I still have one pretty girl. She is very dark and weighs about 12lbs. She is so sweet, I'd like to get a sister for her. Right now, she is an outsider. Sleeps alone on the bottom perch.

    I am not looking for many. Just a few. Maybe 3 of each.

    I would also like some new EE. My oldest had a very sweet darker EE. Black head with copper, down her neck was like a brauns color, with a gray underneath all the way to her tail. I wouldn't mind getting maybe a Wheaten EE also.

    If anyone is willing to work with me, and is reasonably priced, please PM me with details.

    Thank you.

    Our girls are just pets. They are treated like princesses.
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