Black Copper Marans and Cuckoo Splash

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  1. This is one of my 12 week olds. Definately a roo.


    and this is his mamma


    and his dad

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  2. wondering what the little fella will look like all grown up!
  3. Goose and Fig

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    Wait- is he barred? That's crazy! I had no idea a bird could be splash and barred at the same time. I do have blue barred birds though [​IMG]

    I was wondering about the reverse crossing- splash roo over black copper hen. Any chance to get copper in the blue babies? Or will they just be blue?
  4. He is what he is I guess... from whatever the pairing is called. I believe the mamma of the splash hen was a cuckoo or maybe the father was a cuckoo. I really have no idea. I did notice the barring though in the little one. I going to hang onto him for a bit just to see what he feathers out like.

    I love your splash on your website, on the breakfast in georgia pic. Gorgeous furniture you create also!
  5. pinkchick

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    Hi td!!!!! How have you been??

    Yes splash can be cuckoo and the reason this bird is barred from that cross is because the splash is a cuckoo and she can only pass that barring gene on to her male offspring, thus definitely a rooster.

    Now when you get tired him just send that pretty blue cuckoo boy right on over here to my house. [​IMG]
  6. HI! Thanks for the info, and apologies for my late reply! Here's another slightly more recent pic


    so what do you call him? a blue cuckoo marans?
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  7. Illia

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    Quote:No. A blue cuckoo will be barred on every feather. He's got some gold showing up in his wing and he doesn't have much barring, if any at all, on his secondaries, chest, fluff, tail, etc. He's a cross of blue (possibly even blue copper, which explains the color in his wing) and cuckoo - Which basically makes a partially barred bird.
  8. thanks Illia :)
    Did you see his mom and dad? those are definately the parents. The only one I wasn't sure about was mom the splash. As in, what made her. But it seems obvious that there's cuckoo marans in there. Are you saying she could be a mix of blue copper and cuckoo?
  9. pinkchick

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    The gold in his wing and anywhere else it may pop up is from the Black Copper daddy, the blue is from his momma who passed on one blue gene making him blue she also passed along the barring. I love how the barring stayed on him where the copper on a Black Copper or Blue Copper would have been, how totally unique, now that is a barring pattern I would love to duplicate and especially on a blue bird.

    I LOVE HIM! [​IMG] [​IMG] If you ever decide to let him go......... please get in touch with me first. [​IMG]
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  10. halo

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    A friend of mine grew out a rooster, the product of a barred rock hen and a blue rock rooster. He was gorgeous, looked a lot like your guy. I dont know what to call that color.


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