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    I have 12 black copper marans chicks and 3 black copper marans x red production hen. I am selling them as a lot of 15 (for warmth while traveling) at ten dollars each. The chicks are sold as straight run. These chicks are about a week old and are vibrant and healthy. I will mail them U.S.P.S. express mail - 2 day delivery guarantee. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost.

    Black copper marans are excellent egg layers and can be used as meat chickens also. Some of our pullets started laying last fall and layed all the way through the winter so far, even when it was 4 below zero. They lay the darkest eggs of all chickens. These chickens are very docile and would make excellent family chickens. Our egg customers really enjoy the super dark eggs. We breed for the darkest eggs and breed toward the French standard for this breed. 100% of our chicks are feather legged. Our breeding stock is also selected from show stock so there is a possiblity of getting a terrific show hen or roo. Their bloodlines are from Wade Jean, Bev Davis, Charles Logan, Bayhorse Bonnie and others.

    The pictures are of the actual chicks you will recieve. The picture of the eggs are the color of eggs our hens lay with occasionally darker eggs. The pic of our roo was taken at 3 months of age. Our next hatch of chicks will be March 24. Please email for more information.
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    I would be interested as well. I am trying to expand my lines as well

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