Black Copper Marans Cockerel, 10 weeks, band #2, Kansas, will ship

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    This little guy is younger than the other three, but still from the same great lines. He has coppering showing up in the neck and it's clearly a good rich color. He has lighter leg feathering than the other boys and would be good to cover hens with feathering that is too heavy. Copper Cockerels/Cockerel Band 2/




    I will ship for actual shipping & box, or pick up in NE Kansas.

    I will not ship to an area in heat if the buyer is more than an hour from their nearest major airport, as that will make the Postal hub far enough that the truck trip will be difficult. I will ship with a cold pack, but they don't last long. We can wait for better temps for a maintenance fee.

    These birds are from several of the top lines, which have been mixed over the last 3 years toward the proposed standard. Their eggs begin at a 7 or 8 and average a 5 or 6 in sustained laying. These are fast-growing, very robust birds, and I also focus on personality- you'll appreciate the friendliness.

    If you look at my past auctions you'll see folks have been happy with chicks hatched from my eggs as well as the eggs' coloring.

    There are 3 other cockerels on auction from this flock, in case you want to look.
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