Black Copper Marans cockerels, pure and crossed, in Oakland, California

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    I have some 10-week-old cockerels, broody hatched 8/23-27. The eggs were from my own hens and fertilized by my BCM roo, Desi. Two cockerels are pure BCM, and the others are really nice crosses - one with a dark brahma, one with a bantam frizzled cochin (Diego is not frizzled but might carry the gene), and one from an unknown bantam breed, probably mostly sebright. Desi and Lucy (the mom to the two pure BCM cockerels) were broody-hatched from eggs I bought from Papa's Poultry, so they should be breeding quality cockerels. All my chickens are fed organic feed from Modesto Mills and free-range daily.

    My chickens are my pets with benefits, and my hope is these boys will find good homes where they can range regularly and have some lady friends to look after and when it's time for them to move on, that they go peacefully.
    I won't ship, but I could potentially travel to a reasonable distance from Oakland for the right home. I'm thinking $10 for the pures and $5 for the crosses or best offer for a good home.

    Here's papa Desi:

    Here are the boys:
    Brahmaran Brian (dark brahma mama is a lap hen and my favorite of the flock):

    BCM/Bantam frizzled cochin cross, Diego (copper bits coming in. I suspect he'll look like a smaller fluffy blue copper marans. He's extra sweet and friendly and might make some frizzled babies):

    Black Copper Marans Cyrano (Cy):

    BCM Louie (Lu):

    BCM crossed with lovely bantam, probably mostly sebright, Frankie. (When Frankie was 2 days old, I rescued him from being pecked to death by his over-the-top broody mom who seemed to think he was too tiny. I gave him to another broody who was sitting on the unhatched BCM eggs abandoned by the other broodies and ran to the store and bought liquid bandage. He survived and healed really well, though he has a little scar like a headband from where the skin on his head was torn open. He's a super sweet little guy, and I'm so bummed he's a boy!)
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