Black Copper Marans: Dry or Humid incubation?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by StandardLover, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    We just put our black copper maran eggs in tonight. Right now, we have them in a 56% humidity level, so the humid style. I have been reading and learned that black copper marans sometimes drown in to much humidity. Is this true? Is my humidity to high? Should I go to the dry method? Which would be best for marans? Thank you!
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    I don't think certain humidity levels affect certain breeds differently. I believe 56 % is quite high for the first 18 days. I use dry incubation always which is usually 20-30% and I add water at lockdown to reach 50-60%. I have excellent hatches with this method and it is the only one I use. Another way to judge water loss in your incubated eggs is by measuring air cell changes and/or weighing the eggs. There are many threads here with more details about those techniques.
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    You know, I prefer the dry method with Black Copper Marans. In fact, I've had much better hatches with the dry method with my Black Coppers. However, I also switched to a Brinsea, so that's probably a factor, too. The humidity of the room the incubator is in is also a variable. I'm not a hatching expert, so I'll refrain from telling you what you should do with your precious Black Copper Marans eggs. I'd hate to give you advice and then there be a problem later. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Have you noticed that your Black Copper Marans eggs seem thicker on the inside when you crack them into a bowl when compared with your other eggs? Mine seem much thicker and jelly like on the inside instead of more watery. Does that make sense? I have no idea if that plays any part in incubation. Sometimes my Black Copper Marans eggs will have extra white (you know, the part that turns white when you cook it) left on the inside of the bottom shell after a hatch, which doesn't happen with my other eggs. At first I used to balk at the idea that Black Copper Marans eggs were any different from any other eggs, but after a few years I think there may actually be some sort of difference.
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    I think there is a difference too. I've done 3 batches of Marans, and each time I had issues with sticky chicks or drowned chicks that didn't hatch when running the humidity at the same setting I always used. So, I do them lower, not quite dry, but I aim for 30%.

    With the thickness of the whites, and the extra coating on the shell, I don't think they lose moisture as readily as other egg types.
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    I've had 2 batches of marans eggs so far.. both were shipped

    the first batch was 12 eggs.. they were set in September and it was extremely dry here so I was incubating at about 43% humidity
    3 hatched so I ended up with a 25% hatch rate

    the second batch was from a different seller.. 18 eggs 9 hatched 50% hatch rate (7 were clear 2 were rotten) I went a bit drier with this batch since the humidity of the house was higher.. I ran the bator "dry" and ended up with a 33% humidity

    both batches did lose weight appropriately (it was monitored)

    since they were all shipped that could have made the difference.. or it could have been that the eggs were from different sellers and the nutrition of the adults was different .. way too many variables to be sure .. however it is something I'll keep an eye on when these chicks are old enough to lay their own eggs

    I can say that in both hatches I had some of my own eggs mixed in and got excellent results from my eggs.. so the lower hatch rate on the first batch wasn't from incubator malfunction (temp swings)
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    Apr 2, 2012
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    Does anyone else want to offer advice on the humidity of Marans Eggs?
    Right now mine are at 50% - I've read some having trouble with their Marans at hatch.

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