Black Copper Marans eggs hatching a yellow chick?????


12 Years
Jun 18, 2010
I bought Black Copper Maran juvenile's from a reputable person. They are produced from the Wade Jean/ Bev Davis line. The chickens and coop were keep in excellent condition. It impressed me so much I bought fertile eggs.
Today they are hatching!!!! Hurray!!!!!
One of the first and the darkest eggs hatched a yellow chick! What is albino? Lord have mercy!
What the heck is going on? The second and third chicks are just what they are suppose to be, primarily black and with a little white.
LOL! This surely is a freaky thing. This is going to be my prized chickie!
I have 4 baby BC Maran chicks, they are all from the same lines and they are all yellow, I thought maybe they would darken as they I wrong?!? I have heard of a color called wheaten...but have not really researched it yet. I have more eggs in just yesterday so we will see if I get any true black ones this time! Good luck!
You are sooooo right! Maybe if I had a little patience in my research...LOL!
Thank you so much!

I found this somewhere in the forum.

Sounds like there are some Wheaten genes somewhere in the mix. I'm sure if you post this question on the Marans thread you'll get TONS of help.
you have a wheaton chick (look up salmon favorelle to see what they look like minus the muffs and beards.) they are also sexable by color at a young age so it's like winning the jackpot in that respect.
I got some from a BYCer as well, and out of 4 that hatched, 3 were yellow, one was gray. They were all supposed to be BCMs. Guess I have some wheatens as well. I dont really care what color they are, I didnt buy them for breeding or showing, I just wanted some darker egg laying chickens.
One line of BCM that I know of (though I can't think of which right off) has a tendency to hatch wheaten marans as a 'throw back'. They are still marans and will breed true if you breed them with other wheaten marans.
First FBCM eggs I ever hatched I got 2 wheatens. Shocked me at first.

I ended up with a pair, but I lost my beautiful little pullet. Before he passed away my husband fell in love with the little roo. He's georgeous now. We named him Regal Eagle. That's just what he looked like, a little eagle. I thought about selling him, but since Bill liked him and my black silkie roo, those 2 stay forever.

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