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As many of you know, I bought Mr. Jesse (Black Copper King) Bryant's entire flock of Black Copper Marans. There are 26 hens and 6 roosters. His flock is the first line of French standard Black Copper Marans - C1 Wade Jeanne line. Some came from the eggs that came from France (as I understand the story). These are the parents to all the BCMs owned by myself and everyone else on BYC that are selling eggs/chicks from Mr. Jesse's flock. I call them my First Line and my flock (their offspring) my Second Line.

In any event, they are laying like crazy and I'm offering chicks for sale. $10 each with a dozen minimum plus $25 for box and overnight Express shipping. Chicks can also be picked up here at our farm. The first chicks should be hatching in about two weeks. I'll take orders and start a waiting list in the order PayPal payments are received. I will also be selling hatching eggs at $70 per dozen which includes shipping. Paypal is [email protected]

Here's a few pics of them in their new quarters.






And the eggs currently in the incubator:

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Yes, if you pick them up you can get as many/few as you want. I specify a dozen for shipping for warmth.
I've had people ask if there is a discount if they buy more than 12 chicks so yes, I'll take $8 per chick for each one over a dozen and if they can fit in the same box, which I think holds 25, there is no extra postage.
Update: No waiting list and next batch of chicks hatches the 21st.

I Express shipped a batch recently and they arrived in 16 hours, all the way to KY, safe and sound.

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