Black Copper Marans gets tortured (just ths last week) by her other 7 friends.We have 1 Rooster

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    Desperate for help. We have 8 hens (Golden Comets x 2, Easter Eggers x 4, White Leghorn x 1, Black Copper x 1) and a very gentle good rooster (Easter Egger). All free range all day long. We noticed our Black Copper Marans staying in the nesting box all day about a week ago. We thought she was getting a little broody but she herself was not laying eggs, just laying on the others but would move from box to box sometimes sitting on no eggs at all. I picked her up today and monitored her in front of the food. The other hens started immediate torture, constant pecking. The rooster seemed to try to get in between them but was more passive than I would have liked. If we open the nesting box she starts shaking, she is def. scared. What can I do, I don't want to lose her. Prior to this last week they all did great together! What could have changed?

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    She might be ill. I would isolate her if necessary to keep her from further harm, and look hard for signs of parasites, or whatever. A dog crate in the coop, or some kind of divider, so she's there with the group, will be best. Mary
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    I agree. When chickens suddenly gang up on a single hen like this, it's a sign something isn't right with her. Check her over for injuries and bugs, and observe her behavior. When she stands, does she hold her tail down low and flat? Is she normally vocal and now she's mute?

    How is her appetite? Feel her crop. Is it empty in the morning and full at night? Is it hard like a rock or full and squishy? What do her poops look like? These things will tell you a lot.

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