Black Copper Marans or Langshan?

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  1. NevadaRain

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    Feb 20, 2016
    I got this chick on November 17th. None of the chicks were day old chicks. The Cream Legbars had full wing feathers and the "Copper Marans" had already started her wing feathers, so the youngest chicks were at least a couple of weeks old. So I believe that she was hatched around the beginning of November. I ordered 3 Cream Legbars and 4 Ameraucanas. After the breeder shipped my order she told me that she was short on the Ameraucanas so sent me 2 Copper Marans (1 Black & 1 Blue), 2 Ameraucanas and 6 Cream Legbars. Only 4 chicks survived the shipping. I still have 3 Cream Legbars and one "Black Copper Marans". The problem is I am not sure that she is a Black Copper Marans. She has heavy feathering on her legs, so heavy that it looks like she has an extra toe, and there is no copper coloring on her neck.








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  2. SunHwaKwon

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    Copper comes in a lot later. The leg feathering looks good.
  3. donrae

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    I agree she doesn't look quite right for a BCM. But I don't think she's a Langshan, although I have no personal experience with that breed.

    Have you talked to the seller?
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    x 2

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    x 2? I don't understand.
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    Howdy NevadaRain

    X2 means that the poster agrees with the previous post(s)

    I am not experienced with BCM’s but I am with Langshans and the foot feathering does not look right for Langshan on which only the outer toe is feathered. Comb is definitely not Langshan IMHO.
  7. NevadaRain

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    Feb 20, 2016
    Communication with the seller has not been good. Her website was down for a few weeks. The last I heard was 10 days before Christmas when she finally emailed me about reshipping my order and she said she wanted to reship "started birds" instead of chicks. I emailed her a couple of times before Christmas (on Dec 14th & Dec. 21st) and have still not heard from her. According to her website she breeds several breeds of chickens including Langshan and Silkies.

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    I'm leaning toward Langshan.
  9. Lady of McCamley

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    I agree it doesn't look right for a BCM. The foot feathering should go down the outside of the leg and the outside toe only. The feathering is too heavy.

    I'm not familiar personally with Langshan, but I know they have a very upright stance with a "U" appearance in the back because of tail carriage.

    Marans stand rather tall but don't have the Langshan high tail set. The bird is couching too much for me to see normal stance in the photos.

    Also the legs look too dark for Marans, although the skin is pink/white between the toes. Marans have more grey than black. You can see some of my Marans at various stages in my byline hatch below.

    I'm wondering, since you mention she raises Silkies and Langhan, as well as supposedly Marans, if this isn't an "oops" with some mixed blood in it.

    The breeder doesn't seem very organized as she did not do much of anything you asked in the order. She may have grabbed what she had on hand, which may or may not be pure bred chickens.

    My guess is this is less than pure blood bird.


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