Black Copper Marans sexing impatience :) (Pictures)


Mar 27, 2017
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So I recently purchased 8 Marans from a well-known breeder in Florida four of them are older and sexed I have two pairs, one pair of solid Marans, and one pair of black copper Marans. But...I also purchased four day old chicks. Not knowing the sex is killing me LOL I know I probably won’t figured out any faster by sticking on this website but if nothing else it’ll help me kill time until I find out the actual sex so here are some pictures of the four chicks. Currently they are 1 week 5 days old. Only one of them (#1) am I pretty sure is a cockerel, the rest are back and forths. So I’ll continue to post pictures as they age and we shall see :)
Number 3 is a solid black Marans

Take you guesses ;)
#1 is actually a Cuckoo, not Black Copper. And appears to be a pullet. The rest are too young to even try and guess at.
That is what I thought when I first got them home!!! I immediately thought this looks like a barred rock chick and I thought about the cuckoo Marans but the breeder had the chicks just separated into just a solid pen and a black copper/blue copper pen, So it would be a real interesting mistake if it is LOL I wouldn’t mind having a cuckoo Marans around just to look at but it’s definitely not a future goal in my breeding pen and I would not of paid as much for it had I known ha ha but we’ll see
So I emailed the breeder on the possibility that I got a cuckoo, and she said that her cuckoos came out of her blacks so it’s totally I guess I’ll have to do some reading up on cuckoo Marans now I have no idea how their genetics work or how it could’ve came out of a black so if anyone has some insightful words for me I’d it appreciate it, also side note I am definitely aware that you can’t sex these checks just by looking at them this young it’s just fun to hear everybody’s guesses and what they notice or what not, I’ll be tracking them for the next few weeks and taking pictures to see how they mature and what they all end up being all for fun.

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